Headquartered in Beijing, China, CapitalBio is a leading life science Company that develops and commercializes total health-care solutions including a broad range of innovative biochip-related products for genomic, proteomic and cellomic research, bio-safety testing, clinical applications and to address wider human health needs. CapitalBio warmly encourages discussion of new business, marketing and production opportunities, etc. Both through innovation and a commitment to rapid product development,  CapitalBio is seeking to reduce the cost of products, to benefit our customers.

CapitalBio's range of microarray-based biochips include the diagnostic chips for numerous diseases and infections, food safety test chips for antibiotics and food-borne pathogens in farm animals, and poultry, and a variety of DNA based whole genome arrays for gene expression profiling and genotyping to elucidate the gene functions in man, animals, plants and lower organisms. Our innovative Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) genome typing chip and technology have set new standards for high throughput and accurate HLA typing.


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