1. Protect its name, its own history, its own identity.
  2. Provide quality services to customers, the latter representing a valuable reference and support.
  3. always please their customers in terms of services, products and prices, in a context of maximum respect.
  4. Expand its range of products in order to offer a complete service in infusion through the design, production and marketing of medical devices, syringes, infusion sets and accessories.
  5. Maintain a constant level of receptivity and interest in the developments taking place in the field of medicine.
  6. Develop products for specific treatments and therapies in niche areas, where large industries hardly have interest and versatility to satisfy specific needs.
  7. Recognizing the value of staff employed by providing a working environment that allows the activity carried gratification and advancement opportunities, thus sharing at all levels of the company's success.


Via Cuorgne 42/a,
Rivoli TO
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