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Company Cambridge Medical Aesthetics/Cambridge Biotech are a biotechnology company based in England. After several years' research they invented DXN crosslinking technology for hyaluronic acid. Their products currently on the market are: Uma Jeunesse Classic 1ml and 2ml, Uma Jeunesse Velvet 1ml and Uma Jeunesse Ultra with lidocaine. Their new product Uma Jeunesse Optima with lidocaine, is soon going to be released. At MEDICA they are announcing arrival of OSTEOVISC, a product for the treatment of osteoarthritis and severe arthralgia (joint pain) e.g. after sports trauma or knee arthroscopy/operations. OSTEOVISC was tested in a clinical series of 18 patients with severe osteoarthritis or arthralgia. Patients reported significant improvement in pain, mobility, quality of life, range of movement lasting 12-16 months after a single inraarticular injection of OSTEOVISC. They are looking for distributors for OSTEOVISC and UMA JEUNESSE products.