Cambridge Endoscopic Devices Inc

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Whether you are performing a traditional or advanced Single Incision laparoscopic procedure, the Autonomy Comfort Handle offers unmatched advantages. These include "angle" locking mechanism, axial rotation, and a complete seven degrees of freedom for unparalleled access, superior manipulation of tissue, and easy triangulation in even the most challenging cases. With the Next Generation Autonomy Comfort Handle, performing procedures precisely and comfortably with one hand just got easier.Cambridge Endo was founded in 2004 by experienced medical device entrepreneurs Woojin Lee and Jack Jacobson with the goal of revolutionizing least invasive surgery through a proprietary platform technology in endoscopic and laparoscopic instrumentation - the goal that is being realized in Single Port Laparoscopy / Single Incision Laparoscopy. Working collaboratively with the surgical community, Cambridge Endo is committed to developing and delivering hand-held instruments that enable easy access and unparalleled control.