Company Profile Activity An innovating company Besides a large range of standard products, CAHOUET designs and manufactures all types of gaz control equipment to your particular specifications, ranging FROM PROTOTYPES TO MEDIUM SIZE PRODUCTION RUNS.

CAHOUET is certified ISO 9001 et ISO 13485 . Product performance CAHOUET designs products with : pressure from 0 to 400 bar (6000 PSI), flow rate from 0 to 800 Nm3 /h. CAHOUET : a privileged partner for industrial, special and medical gaz equipment manufacturers ans users : O2 , N2 , N2 O, H2 , Ar, He, C2 H2 , CnHm, NH3 ...

Varied application market CAHOUET range includes : automatic change-over systems, line and cylinder pressure regulators, flowmeters, standard and multifunction valves, heaters, mono and multi-gas control boards and panels, flexibles hoses, safety valves, accessories. A diversified range of product Applications are varied and cover many industries : food industries, aeronautics, mechanical and steel industries, medical, laboratory equipment, engineering.