Company Profile ANTISTRESS collection: graduated compression hosiery For over 50 years, C.R.E. has been more frequently regarded as a protagonist in the market thanks to the quality and the innovation of its products, responding and caring for consumers’ needs. Created from the collaboration between medical specialists in phlebology and C.R.E. technicians, Antistress products are the ideal solution to all your customers’ requirements.

THE PRODUCTION Continual investments in production structures together with constant updating in new product designing, as well as the absolute quality of the finished product, make C.R.E. a leading industrial reality all over the world. The production of graduated compression articles requires a more sophisticated technology, which allows a different tension of the yarn in the various points of the leg, from the ankle to the thigh, obtaining a specific level of graduated pressure, certified by HATRA test.

THE CUSTOMER SERVICE The ISO 9001 quality management system based on accurate controls during the different manufacturing steps, guarantees all ANTISTRESS products and ensures the best assistance to answer all customers’ needs.