C & G Technologies Inc

Endorse Company
C&G Technologies was born out of necessity with the most humble of beginnings. Our first service contract brought in $1000/mo. and our first business computer was a little 386 with a 40mb disk drive... How could you possibly fill up a drive that big? My field of expertise is in electronics. C&G gives its customers honest value in what we sell, and it is all backed up with a guarantee. This is especially important with X-Ray tubes, both new and used. Our warranty failure rate on used tubes is less than 10%. This is largely due to the selection of product and the preparation before hand. It costs more to do this initially, but in the long run, everyone wins. We all want a great deal when we buy something, and we are sensitive to that. But we also know that cutting corners only costs more in the long run. Do it right the first time, and protect your investment, your time, and your reputation. This is a formula that has worked well for us, and we will continue to use it as a model for our company in the coming years. People are counting on this equipment with their lives and it's up to us to make sure it performs the way it was intended to.