C.B.M. is operating since 1945. The sole manufacturing siteis based in Italy and covers an area of 30,000 m2.. From the very beginning, the company is manufacturing medical equipments, especially in the area of sterilization. We do produce the following families of medical devices: • Rigid sterilizing containers in stainless steel and aluminum, with permanent or reusable barriers • Steam sterilizing units (autoclaves) with a capacity of 17 and 23 l. • Perforated metal baskets for sterilization and washing processes • Stainless steel hot air sterilizing units, with a capacity of 2l. to104 l. • Quartz sphere instant sterilizing units • Washing machines for bedpans and urinals • Electric hot water boilers To complete the range of articles, we produce the following: • Stainless steel accessories for wards and small surgeries • Surgery furniture • Examination couches • Display cases • Stools • Waste holders • Surgery lamps • Stands for drip feeds • Stainless steel trolleys • Multipurpose surgical stretcher ( specifically used in ophthalmology, ENT and hand surgery The articles produced have always been used in hospital, dental and aesthetic sectors. Thanks to its organization C.B.M. can manage its range of articles (more than 4000 items) in a quickly and efficiently way. Our technical office is of course always willing to consider personalized technical specifications on demand.

We export since more than 40 years in about 80 foreign countries all over the world and we can easily manage all their different purchasing procedures. As we frequently supply through international tender, this is a guarantee of meeting required delivery times. The quality system certification that we got in 1995 show the high level of quality that we supply. Current reference standards EN ISO 9001:2008 EN ISO 13485:2003 C.B.M. is part of the Working Groups (WG) of the European Technical Committee (TC102, WG4 and WG5), that draws up a list of norms regarding sterilization. This qualification allows the technology supplied to be updated in real time. Downloads: Brochure_CBM_PerSito_29sett2015.pdf

Via Castello, 10A,
Torre de Picenardi (CR)
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