With over 20 years’ experience in the fields of electronics and electro-mechanical product design, development and manufacturing, Bytec continues its quest to becoming a market-leading brand. We aim to really understand what our customers want, and then to exceed their expectations. At Bytec, we focus on facilitating the interaction and use of IT technology in key commercial sectors, often requiring specific “physical” attributes essential for that technology to be effectively used and deployed. For example, a product must be rugged, waterproof and reliable to address key usability factors like harsh environments, mobility or infection prevention.

Enabling people to use and interact with technology within their everyday working lives involves bringing state-of-the-art technologies into our world in a way that encourages greater integration and familiarisation. We aim to do so through the introduction of key innovations through our own products, but more generally by providing our clients, partners and OEMs with a rich resource that directly leverages our experience, as part of their team, to address these factors within their own projects or environments. With design hubs in the UK and Taiwan, coupled with our manufacturing bases in the UK, China and Taiwan, we offer a complete service from concept through to delivery. Our partnerships allow us to keep costs to the customer down, whether you engage with us in a bespoke design project or work with our partners, re-sellers or distributors.

Bytec Group was formed in 2007 to acquire the majority interest in Bytec Systems (adopting its name for the Group), then shortly after it strategically acquired one of Bytec Systems’ key customers, RAFI GB. Bytec Systems was a sub-contract electronics assembly company formed in 1995, and RAFI GB was a project-based HMI specialist, formed in 1979, servicing a broad range of local industries. The Group shifted its core business proposition to one of “specialist manufacturer and innovator”, establishing itself within strategic markets (Healthcare, Defence and Transportation) and making a name in its own right, while still continuing to developed a strong reputation as a leader in human and machine integration.

In 2013, Bytec Group is well on its way to achieving those early ambitions, having invested significantly in its operational infrastructure with a particular focus on our engineering capabilities. With two new subsidiaries, we have exercised our experience by developing a comprehensive range of products, within our Healthcare division, that facilitates the use and integration of IT technology, including mobile device roll stands, mounting arms and carts, integrating our Geni-TecTM battery backup systems, and our revolutionary Medi-KeyTM wireless keyboard.


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