BS Medical Co., Ltd BS Medical is a manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and automatic medical device production lines in the bioscience field centering on research related to stem cells. Despite its short history, it is growing rapidly as a company receiving attention from the world, and it is active worldwide, including its participation in Trade Development Conferences along with the President.

The management philosophy of BS Medical is the supply high quality products and fine service in order for clients to lead better and healthy lives, and for the improvement of health and extension of lives.

It prioritizes client centered service, and is endeavoring to develop reliable products. Its major products include adipose stem cell extraction kit and PRP kit in the bioengineering field, blood collection tube, syringe & needle, PEN needle, IV catheter, insulin syringe, tube set for hemodialyzers, etc., in the medical device and its automatic production line field. It not only supplies automatic production line of existing products, but also can supply equipment in various forms that the client requests.

Especially, unlike general engineering companies, BS Medical, with expertise in medical devices, provides a wide range of consulting including market analysis, cost analysis, material supply and demand, production, process control, and marketing, which encompasses production and sale. 


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