In order to effectively control the dust generation in the environment of clean room, people use rubber and PVC as working gloves instead of using some comfortable materials. However, after using these materials for a long time, we feel hot and humid, that even cause skin allergy and the workers who are hard to wear the gloves again. Due to this reason, our company develops the full finger nylon knitted inner gloves.

Their operational property is excellent and these gloves can provide good wearing comfort via absorbing the moisture and sweat from hands. These advantages of comfort and anti allergy make the workers doing their job more efficient. Nevertheless, they still can reach the requirements of no generation of dust in clean room. Characteristics 1. They are made of synthetic filaments, which do not generate particles. 2. The used knitting structure can give the gloves nice stretch ability, which can fit the shapeofuser's hands. 3. Fine gauge knitting machine is used to reach the requirements of the thin fabric thickness. 4. Full finger covering type could spread these advantages everywhere of hands.