Company Profile Most Patient Friendly Gynaecological Speculum / RedDot Award Bridea Medical has developed the Orchid Spec. This award winning Speculum is the new gold standard in the disposable gynaecological Speculum market. This speculum in 4 years achieved a 63% market share in Dutch hospitals and market share is still growing steadily. This success is due to optimal integration of: - ease of use - patient friendliness - cost reduction for hospitals - reduction of environmental impact This year at the Medica we will also be launching our revolutionary Ochid Open, an open-sided speculum which will replace the cumbersome and outdated metal COLLIN and TRELAT specula. This speculum will be especially useful for procedures such as: LEEP, COLPOSCOPY, ENDOMETRIAL ABLATION, PELVIC LAPAROSCOPY, ULTRASOUND, tec. Please make an apointment and receive a full explanation of our Orchis Spec. Best Regards, Bob Roeloffs CEO