Brickell Research Inc

Endorse Company
Founded in 1991, Brickell Research pioneered Microsoft Windows-based practice managment software. Over the twenty years since, we have been a leading provider of innovative, efficiency-focused, and superbly-supported healthcare IT solutions for practice management, billing, scheduling, and clinical recordkeeping. More than software, the company pioneered an approach to selling and servicing solutions that is unparalleled in its forthrightness and customer-friendliness. One prominent industry consultant once said that it's easier to be our customer than it is to become our customer. We feel that is as it should be. As many providers have learned the hard way, most vendors are far quicker to accept an order than they are to educate customers, learn about their needs, and take care of them in the long-term. For twenty years, our goal has been to put the financial and operational health of providers first. We look forward to continuing to expand the ways we can bring practices value and efficiency in the decades to come.