Boz Medical Device Industry and Trade Co. Adil and Ali Aykut Boz Boz was established in August 2009 in Ankara. Founding fathers who just gray and grandfather of one of the most radical people of Turkey Orhan Boz public health sector. Adil Boz (grandfather) began his business career in the year 1940. He has set up a small family business gauze in the 1960s, in the 1970s, began to produce the medical supplies industry with absorbent cotton bandage and plaster products. He is one of Turkey's first manufacturer of medical supplies. Until 2007 he established Adil Boz company premises located in Usak, from raw cotton, yarn; from spinning to weaving; woven textile raw materials in home and hospital textile fabrics made ​​integrated production and plant presented a total of 1,500 people in jobs.

Orhan Boz is in Ankara in 1983 founded the company that gave its name and Adil produced in Usak by Gray Gauze, plaster Bandages and Absorbent Cotton products He began marketing his business career by doing. Realizing the lack of surgical suture materials, which began trial production in 1993 ORHAN BOZ AND MEDICAL PRODUCTS INDUSTRY Inc. Surgical Sewing Supplies the name of the production plant was put into service. Gazlıbez gas compressor products manufactured in 1998, the sponge has made ​​the manufacture of cotton and gauze pads. BOZ family the day into business has created a competitive environment in the face of international numerous companies in the Republic of Turkey to this day and has played an important role in our national interests. In 2009, Ali Aykut established by Boz and Adil Boz Boz Medical Equipment and Industrial Inc. manufacturer Junior arrive in emerging market needs and conditions in line and 5 years after the organization was aiming to himself and reached in April of 2012 to this objective.

The factory is established in Ankara on 8600 m2 of covered area and 1200m2 it has a clean room. White areas in plants equipped with modern air-conditioning system is the level of class III. Production in the minimum requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that the direction of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health issued guidelines prepared "Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)" is carried out in the framework. It is essential at all levels of care and hygiene of production. Boz trained employees who know that the best investment Medical Equipment Industry and Trade Co. employees within the organization to allow them to be aware of the work done on each individual and gives the outside of education. Personnel are transferred with the concept of personal hygiene education and hygiene awareness by the continuity of control is provided at certain intervals. Surface disinfection creates non-toxic and proven reliability, is provided with disinfectant.

Both domestic raw materials supplied from abroad, according to the standards both inside and pharmacopoeia are subjected to inspection and testing. Checks carried out in all intermediate stages of production, production records meticulously kept self-control is provided. Quality is the caliber of equipment used in all activities affecting. All kinds of laboratory facilities equipped with technical staff in ensuring quality and unbiased examination and observation, and serves for permanent retention. Turkish Standards Institute and the inter-laboratory checks received from university education is to develop knowledge and skills. Daily broadcasts are monitored by monitoring developments, most recent scientific research is carried out R & D activities in the light. University-the result of the activities carried out within the framework of industrial cooperation by creating new products will be available. BOZ about MEDICAL surgical suture material is intended to take place in the world market.