Bowen Cixi Economic Development Zone Co., Ltd. is specialized in medical equipment, medical equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises. In the fall of 2008 introduced the National Medical Equipment Fair LED operation shadowless lamp, a new multi-surface operation shadowless lamp and LED lamp for medical film observation.

REFTECH series as a whole more reflective surface operation shadowless lamp: 1. Using enclosed structures and streamlined shape, to meet clean air operating room and sterilization requirements convection cycle. 2. Reflector multi-surface reflector technology to spot adjustment range from 150 ~ 350mm, focus depth of ≥ 800mm, subject to spot even came face to face. , 3. With high heat filter device, to effectively control the temperature rise by face to face and ensure light color temperature and color reproduction of 4. By switching transformer to solve the network power supply voltage fluctuations of the shadowless lamp bulbs and the control circuit of improved lamp life and stability control circuit 5. Professionally designed suspension system, so that shadowless lamp to meet the requirements of the operating room ultra-story, full orientation can reach the different places of the lighting needs surgery 6. With the main lamp auxiliary lamp double fault alarm.

Main lamp and the Deputy lights automatically switch and automatic conversion function, that is when the auxiliary lamp is lit, shadowless lamp technology parameters and the main light is lit exactly the same