Boule The Complete Hematology System Boule Diagnostics International AB is a global provider of complete hematology systems. Boule is proud to offer a unique Total Quality Concept (TQC) of instruments, reagents, controls/calibrators that have been developed and manufactured in-house, including support and service during the systems life time. By offering a complete system solution it is Boules ambition to support our customers with reliable and qualitative results in the diagnosis and treatment of the patients in human and veterinary medicine. It is almost 50 years since our first analyser appeared on the scene. Called Celloscope 101, it was the first European automatic cell counter. Since those days, we have been dedicated to the perfection of haematology instruments. Swelab Alfa In 1999, Swelab introduced the EO PLUS generation, the world's first blood cell counter, which can divide white blood cells into four fractions, now with higher speed and an extended quality control program. In addition to counting the population of lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes, the AutoCounters can also analyse and count eosinophils, both activated and non-activated. The Swelab product range goes from low-priced instruments for small labs to walk-away instruments for automatic handling of 20 samples with up to 19 parameters. With every instrument also comes a comprehensive case book with more than 75 haematology cases, analysed both with the Swelab AutoCounter and by microscope and illustrated with photos of the blood smear. Medonic M-series The Medonic product range of haematology analysers consists of dedicated instruments for human, as well as veterinary use. The Medonic analysers are well known for their high-performance, high system quality and unmatched reproducibility of analytical results. Features for Medonic cell analysers: „h Dual channel system „h Maintenance free sampling valve on all models „h Floating discriminators „h Mathematical leukocyte differentiation „h User-free maintenance The instruments are available from 9 to 20 haematological parameters. All parameters are displayed within 1 minute and only 2 reagents are needed due to Medonic's advanced automatic cleaning system. Veterinary Application Exigo is the successor to the renowned veterinary version of the Medonic hematology analyzers, which has become known as one of the sharpest veterinary products in the market. Exigo is launched purely for veterinary use, more focus is dedicated to veterinarians andrequirements for animal blood analysis from a hematology analyzer. Point of Care Patented Capillary Haematology The MPA-system is a complete system for sampling, collection and analysis, where high quality results on small sample volumes are needed. Collect the blood with a micro pipette from your patient and receive the results in front of his eyes within a minute. Perfect for pre-donor screening in blood banks and for the doctor's office. Boule Medical AB P.O.Box 42056 SE-126 13 Stockholm Sweden Tel: +46-8-744 77 00 Fax: +46-8-744 77 20 [email protected]