Profesional Solution & Service Provider morning. (Note) The Borealis Thank you for visiting the homepage of biotechnology. We are a company that supplies all materials needed for the manufacture established, Profesional Solution & Service Provider under the philosophy diagnostic reagents 2002. BBI, Kinematic Automation Inc., Proliant , Nupore, Antibody Incorporated, etc. Rapid test the leader is the official representative of the company has been supplying products worldwide more than 50 companies, including Ahlstorm.

in addition, research and development of high-quality Antibody, Antigen established a research institute on the basis of accumulated experience and we are committed to the development of new products through domestic sales and research institutes and joint research projects in the domestic leading. We at Borre the Biotech has always bots in order to meet various customers' needs with advanced technology and proven services capability I will promise to try to do not stay.