Disposable Trocar for Laparoscopic surgery In 2004, our company was successful in developing trocar, which is used for an invasive surgery, through our domestic research and manufacturing. By doing so, we were able to replace high-priced imported medical devices with a newly developed device. We were granted permission to manufacture these medical devices in June 2004, and, since then, we have been producing these medical devices.

In addition, in 2007, we established a quality assurance system that covers things ranging from the development of medical devices to manufacturing certified by Korea Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP). By doing so, we act as a forerunner in replacing major imported medical devices with locally manufactured ones with our own domestic technology. With respect and love for life, our company is doing its best to serve our neighbors.

A part of the company’s profit is returned to the society to build a happier world for everyone. The staffs and employees of BNR Co Ltd take notice of the refugees around the world, as well as people suffering from hunger. As our company grows and develops constantly, so we will continue to expand our efforts to take care of the people in our society waiting for the warm hands of support.