In the year 1975 the company BMT MESSTECHNIK DR.-ING. FRANZ WALLNER was founded in Berlin. In 1979 the company changed its form and now became BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBH. The founder formerly had worked on the field of automotive research (man-machine system research), and on the development of artificial hearts. The young company has developed and manufactured instruments, namely electronic devices, for heart and circulatory research. It has made the first successful control system for automatically adapting the pump action of a total, two-chambered, artificial heart to the needs of the circulation.

In 1981 we have developed the ONKOMETER BMT 921, a membrane osmometer for measuring the colloid osmotic pressure of the human blood, or plasma, which received patents all over the world. The instrument is used namely in intensive care. In 1995 we introduced the successor, the ONKOMETER BMT 923, which is used namely during open heart surgery. Another important branch of our little company had to do with strain gauges: We have made several types of DC bridge amplifiers for strain gauges and for strain gauge transducers which have been used in thousands of applications.


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