Behind Bluetens Bluetens is a fast growing start-up company, that brought to the market the first connected healthcare device with a true effect through muscle electrotherapy, a well known technology for physiotherapists that was not accessible to non professionals. We aim at simplifying the techology and bridging the gap between busy practitionners and consumers in needs for better care to improve general health of people in need. Bluetens brings electrotherapy of professional quality to anyone – sport addicts, people suffering from muscle pain, recovering from injury or simply to ease up stress. That's why we created the first enhanced healthcare device, controlled by its mobile application that provides any user with unlimited programs for treatment, muscle reinforcement and relaxation 24/7. The company was established in 2014 by a team of medical professionals and business specialists who jointly succesfully launched the product to the market in less than nine months. In early 2015, the company succesfully raised funds from private investors from the healthcare industry. Since February 2015, our first product is sold through major retail channels or online and received cheerful welcom from the press and the consumers. At Bluetens we use the newest mobile technologies and medical know-hows to serve our main purpose – providing everyone with an easy and convenient way to get better. Downloads: You can find a short presentation of the company below Presentation.pdf