Blatek, Inc. was founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of piezoelectric devices and composites. Located in a modern industrial facility in central Pennsylvania, the company has grown far beyond its early product structure with major expansion and improvements in its technology and capabilities. That firm commitment to growth was enhanced in 1993 by the acquisition of the products and technology of Precision Acoustic Devices, a manufacturer of medical diagnostic imaging transducers.

The engineering expertise at Blatek is wide ranging and includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, materials science, and physics. With this expertise, the company has gained extensive experience in designing and manufacturing ultrasonic transducers for medical and industrial applications. By specializing in the engineering of its transducer projects from conception, through the design and prototyping phase, to the repeated successful manufacturing of the devices, Blatek excels at providing the highest quality products to the specific requirements of each customer.