BivoDent is the leading world trade mark in the acrylic teeth production sector is being realized. We follow the principles of trustworthy and tireless work, continuous broadening of our research and development activities, excellent quality standards in production, and utmost respect to our staff, customers and nature. 

Our corporate growth and success is based on tracing the latest technological developments as well as investments for modern machinery, accompanied by the support and know-how of our excellent team. BivoDent with its professional managers and highly skilled staff focuses on customer satisfaction and qualified service. 

Our accumulated production experience in the last 30 years and tireless work has carried us to the quality level of world-known companies operating for more than 100 years. Our attained dynamic speed will enable us further horizons. 

Quality is of utmost importance in the production of health-care products and services,but these products also need to be affordable and competitive and will require domestic and international marketing activities. 

BivoDent represents the success and power created by the active support of our staff.We still inherit the great excitement and joy of the first day of our production in 1982, then called SenerDent and continue to move forwards.