Birthsparks What does the name Birthsparks meanThe word BIRTH brings to mind many things; for some it means a beginning or creation, the start of an idea or thought, a life changing experience, growth, progression or motherhood and the arrival of a brand new wee person! The point is it SPARKS lots of thoughts, ideas and feelings in most people! and this is what our business does....we create and deliver products, education and resources that can really change things for people; ideas that make them think, feel and experience differently.

Who are we Birthsparks are a small group of committed people with great big ambitions that don't mind being different if we can make a difference! We are based in beautiful South West Scotland in what we call the 'CUB HUB'. From the HUB we imagine, innovate, plot, plan, organise and work hard.

We also eat cakes and drink tea because it makes us happy. What do we do? THINK We are the organisers of the annual MaMa Conference; the biggest independent midwifery conference in the UK, organised and run by midwives (that's us!). FEEL We designed, developed and now distribute our award winning product, the CUB, world wide from the CUB HUB in Ayrshire EXPERIENCE We organise and run Study days on topics relevant to promoting healthy, safe and caring maternity care. We invite renowned experts to present and create environments of learning not only from but with each other.