Biovotion AG is a digital health company in the field of sophisticated, medical-grade, wearable health monitoring solutions. Biovotion is introducing it’s award-winning wearable vital sign monitoring platform, that allows for 24/7 monitoring at a quality on par with hospital-based systems, and with the convenience and ease-of-use of a consumer product.

The platform integrates seamlessly into existing mHealth offerings and incorporates the latest physiological sensing and communication technology, and state-of-the-art cyber security and privacy standards. Biovotion’s monitoring platform connects hospital-based and home-based care, allowing for a seamless monitoring of post-intervention and chronically ill patients across different settings.

Medical use cases under investigation are CHF, OSA, COPD, rehabilitation, infections, dialysis and others. Biovotion is an award winner of the XPrize - Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, has been elected the “Best medical wearable 2015” and has been described as "An extremely sleek all-in-one medical grade monitor, a preview to what the future of digital health devices will look like” by Goldman Sachs in a recent report on Medical IoT.