Company Profile Diagnostics●DNA/RNA Primer●Proteases●Biochemistry Services BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH, founded in 1992, is an innovative company focused on biotechnological products and services for life science research, pharmaceutical industry and diagnostics. BioTeZ is located on the biomedical oriented Biotech Park Berlin-Buch. In addition to the oligonucleotide synthesis BioTeZ is very experienced in antibody-based technologies. This includes the development and production of immunoaffinity columns, for example, for the food and feed analysis, but also the field of enzyme immunoassays. Besides our various standard services, we offer a broad spectrum of services ranging from implementation of individual process steps to batch manufacturing of Immunochemistry products. BioTeZ is certified according to ISO 9001:2008. BioTeZ, Partner for Individual Immunochemistry Solutions. Our Business Fields: 1. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring/Companion Diagnostics for Therapeutic Antibodies Innovative assay technology for multi-parameter measurements supporting dose finding, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, personalized medicine, preclinical drug development and drug design. 2. Biotin-Streptavidin Binding Systems BioTeZ Streptavidin coatings are the basis for efficient immobilization of biotinylated molecules. We offer customized coatings of microplates, chips, beads, membranes and many other different surfaces (glass, plastics, metals etc.) with different biotin binding capacities to improve your applications. Advantages of our coatings are: Immobilization in a directed manner, while avoiding or minimizing denaturation; High signal-to-noise ratio; Low nonspecific binding; Long shelf life; Lower reagent consumption; Ready-to-use (no washing or blocking steps required). In addition we have developed our own high tech molecule Polystreptavidin (Polystrept-R), which functions with exceptional biotin binding capacities, excellent stability as well as low unspecific bindings making it ideal for many applications, e.g. Lateral Flow Tests. 3. Customized Affinity Columns and Gel for Purification and Enrichment We have our own technology for the production of immunoaffinity columns and gel based on our own carrier material. As a manufacturer of OEM clean-up columns for food and feed analytics we offer our technology also as service for preparing columns of any size with customer materials like antibodies, antigens, other proteins, haptens and immune conjugates. BioTeZ columns are ready-to-use, reusable, high permeable (no additional pressure necessary) and have small abrasion. In Addition own cell lines for Mycotoxin-, Vitamin- and Hormone detection are available. 4. DNA/RNA Primer Synthesis incl. modification, libraries, development of aptamers 5. In the field of Human Proteases BioTeZ offers Assays & a wide range of Test Kits, Antibodies, Proteins, Enzymes, Substrates etc. 6. Individual Services Purification and labeling of biomolecules (Biotin, fluorescence dyes e.g. Europium, Poly-HRP etc.). Preparation of immune conjugates with suitable carrier proteins such as bovine, human and mouse serum albumin, ovalbumin, keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH). Manufacturing of test kits and components, e.g. conjugates, buffer, antibody coated microplates. 7. ELISA Development and contract research Our long standing experience provides the basis for a comprehensive customer service in the field of immunoassay development, optimization, advisory service and troubleshooting. We perform also customers test procedures. Different assay formats are available like microplates or Low Densitiy Biochips.