Bioteck Ind. Com. Imp.e Exp Impl.Bio-Absorv. Ltd

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Company BIOTECK is an authentic brazilian company of totally private capital. It's Brazil's pioneer company in the injection field of implants and in implantable polymers such as PEEK and Bioabsorbable polymers. Bioteck's debut was in 2004 and it was designed to be in compliance with the requirements of the brazilian GMP standard and also the ISO 13485 standard, counting on a top technology of clean room (class 100, 10000 and 100000) and a total area of 1000m2. Also, it has a team of specialized personnel in each field. With the international certifications and after a three-year investment in quality and technology, Bioteck aims to make its technology reach international markets. And, more importantly, works to answer the people's needs worldwide. Respect for the environment Today, Bioteck is fully prepared for the ISO 14001 certification due to its sustainability and ecology policy. None of the gases produced by the factory during its manufacturing process are released into the enviroment. Bioteck is equiped with a gas filter lavatory. This is Bioteck walking to the future.