Company For 30 years, Biotec is committing their own field of research and development in the production and sale of culture media for microbiology. Since the birth, in 1985, the company has put customer satisfaction at the center of their work. In fact, Biotec takes in consideration the needs of customers producing articles based on specific requests, even in small quantities both in the clinical field and in the environmental, food and pharmaceutical field.

In its own laboratories, in addition to production, Biotec promotes and develops an important activity of experimentation and research in order to design and manufacture new products. For Biotec the quality is a essential requirement, in fact, the company is ISO 9001: 2008. The plant in Grosseto in Tuscany, where they perform the production, it is equipped with the most innovative equipment and a clean room for bottling and packaging of products. Transport is entrusted to the most important national and international couriers to ensure the delovery of the goods to the customer in a short time.


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