THE COMPANY BioSystems S.A. has been developing and manufacturing reagents and instruments for clinical analysis since 1981. The idea of developing and producing a complete range of high-quality products was the starting point of the company, and this policy has not only been maintained but also strengthened in time. This fact provides BioSystems with a great experience and a deep knowledge of the product, being the evidence a complete and effective service covering any aspect about it. BioSystemsŽ development has also been characterized by a deep study and adjustement to the big changes in the clinical diagnosis field. The result is the marketing of a complete line of products continuously updated according to the needs of the laboratories. The aim of those ideas is to offer an accurate service and assistance to laboratory customers worldwide. All this is possible thanks to BioSystemsŽ enthusiastic team, always ready to assume new challenges; a well-organized team, that with its excitement makes of BioSystems a dynamic and modern company, always attentive to the needs of its customers, giving them the maximum support and developing together with them in the fascinating world of clinical diagnosis.