The company Biosepar® was founded in 1987. It produces and markets its own, self-developed and internationally patented products for microbiology/parasitology, environmental diagnostics and the newly developed formalin free fixative for pathology, immunology and molecular biology. We sell our products into 37 countries around the world. Special emphasis is placed on the development of new, environmentally friendly products, which need not be only hygienic, but also harmless in the diagnostic work process. The ParasiTrap® system has revolutionized the parasitological stool diagnostics.

Instead of formalin fixative the FixSepar® ECO PLUS System become coveted in the entire human and veterinary medicine and in biotechnological synthesis and analysis. Human Medicine: In vitro diagnostics with sedimentation and flotation methods for the faecal parasitology Veterinary Medicine: Sedimentation and flotation methods (separated kits for big and small animals) for the faecal diagnostics. NEW PRODUCTS: Environmental parasitology: Water and soil test systems for parasites Pathology / Immunhistology / Molecular biology: FixSepar ECO® PLUS, the formalin free fixation medium. No DNA/DNA-protein crosslinks, no protein denaturation, no inhibition of the antibody / antigen reactions. FixSepar® ECO PLUS preserves the natural morphology of tissues and cells. BIOSEPAR RESARCH IS DEVELOPMENT FOR THE FUTURE