BioSciTec GmbH The company BioSciTec GmbH is actively involved in the development, production and marketing of imaging solutions in the area of biosciences. Our portfolio especially includes systems for semiautomatic assessment of test strips, colony counting and gel documentation. The company BioSciTec Science Group was founded in 1997 by Dr. Robert Jäger in Marburg. During the first years the gel documentation software „GelScan“ and the microscopy tool „CellExplorer“ were developed and successfully marketed.

After the renaming to BioSciTec GmbH and relocation to Frankfurt at the end of 2001, the field of laboratory diagnostics was developed as a new market segment with the development of the „BLOTrix“ software for the assessment of infection test strips. Since the middle of the first decade of the 2000s the development and manufacture of optical reading devices became as equally important as the production of software. With the joining of Felix Dirla as second owner-manager the „BLOTrix“ system became CE labelled and the internationalisation of the company was developed. Today, automated image analysis in the field of laboratory diagnostics is unimaginable without the company BioSciTec GmbH as a competent contact partner. We now cooperate with the worldwide leading test strip manufacturers and our systems for the assessment of diagnostic test strips reached a leading market position in the year 2007.

Apart from the standard products we offer our growing customer base further specialised solutions, which are implemented as OEM software, e.g. in products for colony counting and laser micro-dissection. We thereby work in an interdisciplinary team, which equally speaks the language of the biosciences, as well as information science and mathematics. Together with our professional project management this guarantees on-schedule implementation of customer requirements. We look forward to meeting you! Dr. Robert Jäger, Felix Dirla