Bioscan Inc. was started in 1975 to provide a cost effective alternative to new radiology equipment.

In 1978 we began installed used radiographic and fluoroscopic rooms outside of our home state of California. 1978 was the first year we exhibited at the Radiological Society of North Americas annual meeting in Chicago. Bioscan Inc. was the first company to exhibit used radiology equipment at the RSNA meeting.

In 1983 we sold our first used x-ray system to a customer from the Peoples Republic of China.

In 1984 we shipped the first CT scanner to China that would be installed entirely by local Chinese engineers without any factory assistance. The local engineers were trained at Bioscan in Escondido, California.

By the end of 1988 our company had shipped more than 200 CT scanners to China as well as many x-ray and ultrasound systems. This close realtionship with buyers from the Peoples Republic of China continues today.