Better Ideas! Better Communication! Connecting everything that makes hospitals successfull . Infotainmenssystems from BEWATEC. BEWATEC communication solutions provide satisfaction to patients and relieve staff all around the world. With a market share of 80% in Germany and 53% worldwide, more than 140.000 BEWATEC units have been installed and a customer satisfaction rate of 98% BEWATEC is the technology leader in patient entertainment.

BEWATEC solutions connect and enhance everything your clinic offers. BEWATEC solutions provide improved service quality and increased efficiency in all processes. They keep patients in contact with their loved ones and, if requested, with the entire world.

Durable hardware meets future-proof app technology. Multimedia entertainment, telecommunication and interactive services are combined with integrated solutions for Unified-Communications, networks and infrastructures. Already today BEWATEC communication solutions offer hospitals a long term perspective for the future and added value by saving costs, increasing efficiency, more security and flexibility.