Company BETRACE provides unique security and traceability solutions for unit-based storage and unit-based dispensing of pharmaceutical specialties designed for highly challenging and regulated environments such as operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency areas. Our solutions reduce time spent by medical personnel on administrative tasks thereby maximizing focus on their core business : patient care. Securing and optimizing drug management helps reduce product wastage and provides real-time visibility on stocks and dispensing patterns thereby supporting the pharmacist’s pivotal role while optimized invoicing sharpens the financial bottom line. As part of a large European medical conglomerate with a new cutting edge technology BETRACE has already installed over 100 units, mainly in Belgium. Our dynamic R&D team is constantly upgrading our products with two recent notable features : • Integration of an RFID solution for the tracing of implants and prosthesis, • Design of a clamp type sensor for the handling of larger sized products such as pre-filled syringes and drips. The BETRACE solutions are ready-made for direct interfacing with most hospital mainstream software solutions. Our in-house IT team can also custom design solutions for optimized communications with specific hospital data management systems.