Berlin Heart GmbH develops, produces and markets innovative devices for mechanically supporting the heart. Our products INCOR® (not approved for use in North America),EXCOR® Adult (not approved for use in North America) andEXCOR® Pediatric span the entire range of medical indications for patients of all ages – from newborn baby to adult. With dependable and globally successful products, Berlin Heart GmbH is one of the industry's market leaders.

Our claim is to develop innovative solutions with utmost precision and reliability. The short time to market and technological features of our products are unique and exemplary. Our future developments shall continue to meet the demands of our customers and the market.
With our solid position in the market, we will continue on our course of worldwide expansion based on innovative products, while relying on strategic international partnerships. Pivotal to such an expansion are our strategic partnerships with three of the world's leading heart centers: the German Heart Institute in Berlin, the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, Canada  and the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.