Company Profile your requirements are our solutions IDEAS, PERFECTION, A PASSION FOR EXCELLENT DESIGN AND IDEAL SOLUTIONS – BERKER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. Berker switches and systems are in use all over the world, making life more beautiful, easier and more comfortable. We place the utmost emphasis on quality, design and innovation. This is confirmed by the numerous awards we have received both at home and abroad. Berker is a leading supplier of high-quality electrical installations - from timelessly classic switch design through to intelligent building management systems. With BERKER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS we are underlining our leading role in the field of electrical installations as a reliable partner to manufacturing companies in many different sectors of industry. Our various customer groups are located both nationally and internationally and their requirements vary accordingly. We engage in intensive dialogue with our customers to develop innovative, safe and long-lasting solutions which will offer them added value. Berker in MEDICAL ENGINEERING The highest level of quality is vital in ensuring the ultimate safety of individuals. Our portfolio of Integro and Systo socket outlets can deliver this exceptional standard of quality for the medical sector. They can be used for many different applications in hospitals, for example for the ceiling unit in the operating room and bedhead units in the care sector as well as for laboratory fittings and furnishings. The Integro socket outlets are available in the colours green, orange and red for special circuits with indicator LED and they comply with TNO requirements. The Systo range is available in the most compact dimensions of 45 x 45 mm to guarantee a flush installation of socket outlets in your trunking. We are happy to provide you with more information on electrical installations for medical and laboratory applications