BeoCare is a medical device manufacturing company, which develops and produces medical textiles used primarily in long term care facilities and hospitals. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for leading healthcare companies worldwide and to work together with them in developing innovative products that improve the quality of life for patients throughout the world. Through our extensive and continuing investment in research and development, we have become the leading domestic contract manufacturers of knitted textile products for use in: *Incontinence C are * Maternity Care * Surgical Care * Ortho Care

Our business model is based on innovation, solution-focused product development with an emphasis on functionality, comfort, quality, and value. Our products are designed to ensure the absolute dignity of the user and incorporate the highest standards of function, comfort and aesthetics. We pride ourselves in providing superior quality and fast service, while fulfilling our social responsonsibilities. We are a pure Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and have no brands of our own, which means we never compete with our clients. Bring us your ideas -- they will remain your ideas -- and we'll help you turn them into high quality products that will both delight your customers and give you a maximum return on investment. * BeoCare products are MADE IN THE USA