Parflex Hospital Privacy Screen Systems Parflex Foldable Screens are state of the art separation and privacy screen systems for hospitals, examination rooms, medical & health units as well as many different areas through it’s innovative and practical design. Parflex Separation Screens provide practical, healthy and hygienic privacy solutions in hospitals and other usage areas through it’s versatile, fast and effective separation systems.

Our screens are easily accessible and ready to use right away with a wide variety of mobile solutions offering flexibility and practicality for it’s users. Parflex Folding Privacy Screen Systems provide the best visual means of communication within shared areas without limiting the patient and personnel eye contact. This is especially important in intensive care and observation units where the medical staff need a clear view of the medical equipment as well as the patient itself. Our screens also allow for daylight to flow into the room and brighten the atmosphere. As each screen is completely mobile and movable, it is very easy to increase the space around patient’s bed during procedures.