About the company Beijing Fanxing Guangdian Medical Treatment Equipment Co.,Ltd has a history of 10 years . From the initial deputy endoscope image products, has gradually developed into a high-technology company which specialized in manufacturing, marketing & service of Endoscope video camera image system and endoscope. Our tenet is to develop science and technology. Our goal is to make customer satisfied and strive for human health and make great contributions.

Our main products include: DELON medical endoscope cameras, medical endoscope cold light source, endoscope image workstations, specialized medical endoscopy trolley, various endoscope and Microtrauma operating instrument etc. In 2008, we developed and launched independent intellectual property rights of new single-chip digital medical video camera F168D, it has a 12bit data stream; support the SD card storage and different outputs : RGB, DVI / USB, BNC ,Y / C; Definition color images to a new realm, you can match three chips in visual effects.Our slogan is “singe-chip’s price, three-chip’s quality.”

Our primary concept is to formed as the strongpoint ofadvantage of technology leader.In October 2009, we will expected to digital HD single chip camera, thus it is of trans-epoch significance,Which has a 1920 × 1080 resolution and dynamic records. With constantly upgrading our technology innovation, our products will close to the world’s leading level in the field of endoscope images in the near future. Beyond Germany’s product, beyond dreams.