Beijing Eternal Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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Conductive patient warming mattress Beijing Eternal Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the famous medical equipment manufacturers in China. Located in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Zone, it was granted as the Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise. We have established as an international supplier from the very beginning. Guided by clinical needs, we have kept on creation and improvement, and devoted ourselves to develop and produce medical devices. Through coordinating with internal and international famous universities, research institutions and medical institutions, we have formed a research platform of production, study, research and clinical. And a complete quality control system of research, production and sales through adapting advanced managing idea. Obeying our service concept of “supplying intimate and professional service” and business reputation, we have kept on improving quality, upgrading customs value and maintained close relations with our customers. We are one of the mother batch manufacturer of conductive patient warming system in China. Our patient warming product-Warm6100 Patient warming system has been CE certified. Around 100 cases of clinical research demonstrate that the product is very qualified. Anesthetized patients and ICU patients can benefit from it very much. Its average cost is much lower than traditional warming devices. Easier and convenient operation convinces caregiver staff totally. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, we will maximize our potential in the field of professional medical equipment, keeping on developing and introducing more internationally advanced equipment, then contributing toworld anesthesia field.