Bee Robotics Ltd.,established in 1999, firstly developed an instrument for strip hybridisation and washing specifically for a reputable worldwide supplier of reagents for HLA tissue genotyping. Bee Robotics Ltd. now supplies numerous partners with instruments ranging from semito full automation for Western and Molecular Blotstrip assays, microarray processing and DNA extraction.During 2014 Bee has taken on two graduates to enhance our software capabilities and focus on manufacturing efficiencies.A true partner for all your automation requirements, using ourwell proven technology.

To date, Bee Robotics has supplied in excess of 1000 instruments for applications in histocompatibility testing, allergy testing and detection of infectious diseases. This success has stemmed from an ability to respond rapidly and effectively, customising core products to meet individual reagent supplier demands in method protocols as well as designing and manufacturing bespoke automation for individual needs.

Combining their collective experience of industrial electronics, robotics, low level software, Graphical User Interfaceand Computer Aided Design, the executive directors, Steve Jones and Alwyn Morus are well positioned to steer the company todevelop theirproduct range and to respond to a rapidly moving market. Bee Robotics has a Quality Management System has been approved by Lloyds Quality Assurance to the following standardsISO9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, EN ISO 13485:2012 applicable to design and manufacture of automated liquid handling robotic instrumentation for in vitro diagnostic applications.