BeamMed Ltd. (Sunlight) BeamMed Ltd. (Sunlight) BeamMed Ltd., owner of the Sunlight brand and product line, develops manufactures and markets advanced ultrasound technology and devices enabling early assessment, diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis and for the assessment of bone age. With thousands of Sunlight devices already in use around the globe in hospitals, medical clinics or physician offices; pharmacies and annual checkup centers, and a growing product offering, BeamMed is recognized as a leading provider of bone health-related diagnosis and monitoring solutions. Pioneering Early Detection of Bone Loss Conventionally, Dual X-ray Absorption technology (DXA) is used for osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring. However, high costs, insufficient locations accessible to mass populations, and the dangers of x-ray radiation severely limit access to DXA testing. BeamMed's systems overcome these challenges and are the first – and currently only – devices that enable ultrasound-based, multi-site measurement for early assessment and monitoring of osteoporosis. Due to their high accuracy, small size, ease of use and excellent affordability, and because patients are not exposed to radiation, Sunlight systems can easily and safely be used in any doctor's office, clinic or retail venue such as pharmacies and annual checkup facilities. Product Portfolio BeamMed offers a range of Sunlight Omnisense solutions, all based on the proven Omnipath™ technology. Sunlight MiniOmni™E xceptionally small and affordable unit that plugs via USB connectivity into any Windows based laptop, notebook or desktop computer. A simple test that can be performed by any professional, in any setting Sunlight Omnisense® 9000 is designed for accurate, quick and patient-friendly assessment of bone density and osteoporosis management. This all in one touch screen unit uses different software modules and four ethnical clinical reference databases, making it suitable for patients aged 0-99 years, including neonates. BeamMed also offers unique solutions that cover the pediatric population: Sunlight BonAge is an innovative ultrasound device for accurate bone age evaluation, used for assessing pediatric skeletal development and growth. Sunlight Pediatric software allows an accurate bone assessment of children aged 0-20 years. Sunlight PREMIER software enables safe and accurate bone assessment in premature babies.