Bayern Innovativ at a glance Enlivening innovations... New cooperation’s for tomorrow’s innovationsmore than 11 years of success and recognition in professional circles Bavaria’s Corporation for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer A customer network of 50,000 companies and 500 institutes in 50 countries We create Congresses and Fora...By keeping our fingers on the pulse of novel developments in tentechnologies and ten branches, we identify current areas with a high potential for future innovations.

We write the script and personally invite the speakers, creating concepts that appeal to exhibitors and participants from industry and science. meet potential partnersAt such platforms, you have the chanceto meet potential partnerswith forward thinking strategies and visions, who are as interested as you, in the next decisive steps for innovation. Active Knowledge transfer - current and continuosNewsletters, eLetters, web pages, congress-TV Developing innovation networks.

Through the combination of cooperation platforms for direct contact and knowledge transfer, we sustain customer relations and instigate innovation networks with specificfocuses as brands in their own right: regionally, nationally and internationally. BAIKA - the automobile industry Bavarian Energy Forum – the energy sector BAIKEM - electronics and microtechnology BAIKUM - environmental technology Life Science Bavaria - biotechnology, food and pharma Textile Innovation - added value textiles Logistics New Materials Wood Industry Individual Business AreasInnovation Relay Centre Bavaria – European technology transfer Forum MedTech & Pharma – Association for the healthcare sector BayTech – Project management for cooperations between professors and industry