The Bayerische Telemedallianz (BTA) was founded in July 2012 in Ingolstadt and has since been promoted as a central Bavarian Telemedicine Institute by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care. Our vision is to comprehensively optimize through the targeted use of telemedicine and eHealth medical care and care in Bavaria.

The Bayerische Telemedallianz - support and advice

One of our main tasks is, on the topics of telemedicine and eHealth offer information and support. So we are the national contact eg for patients and support groups, doctors, hospitals and companies. We also offer specific assistance in the assessment and design of project ideas, procuring Finanzierungsanschüben, the implementation and the subsequent evaluation of projects. We collaborations between established already in Bayern players here to generate through the mutual promotion highest possible common benefit and possibly avoid unnecessary individual activities.

The Bayerische Telemedallianz - innovation engine

To respond to future developments in health care and a targeted to support development of telemedicine, we focus on our own development of new innovative supply solutions that serve the patient well. In addition to this demanding task remains one of the (professional) political accompaniment of the subject in all instances of our daily business.

The Bayerische Telemedallianz - knowledge broker

Another topic is the subject-specific continuing education.In addition to the Bavarian Day of telemedicine, the annual central Bavarian congress, further exciting and innovative event formats, we have established a Akademie.Telemedizin.Bayern and offer in Germany at various course offerings for a wide audience. For detailed information, please refer to the bottom Academyon.

The Bayerische Telemedallianz - Networking portfolio is rounded off by the establishment of a network of organizations in telemedicine and e-health field. The network offers its members an improved networking with other members, special events and consulting services.