BASTOS VIEGAS S.A.- COMPANY'S PRESENTATION After a long history started in 1909 and different periods in history, Bastos Viegas is today a very modern and efficient manufacturing unit, with a very wide range of products of a well known high quality standard. The company employs an average of 369 persons in the production of a wide variety of wound dressings and other medical disposable items.

In addition to own production, Bastos Viegas represents in Portugal several leading medical device companies. As a result of a complete modernisation plan, company is now in brand new buildings of approximately 50.000 sq. meters in a 125.000 sq. meters piece of a land. Production covers weaving, bleaching and converting of textile gauze, weaving and converting of tubular and elastic fabrics and also converting of many other raw materials such as non woven, paper, plastics, foils, cellulose, etc. There is a large capacity for packing and sterilization of all different items. The company runs 3 automatic warehouses, with a total installed storage capacity of over 18.000 palettes/containers, for storage ofproduction components and finished products. This allows a very high efficiency in distribution and sales service.

For the Quality Control,the company hasfully equipped laboratoriesandcompetent staff, which, in addition to your own needs, is able to offer testing and validation services to others, in related medical industries. The company is certified with NP EN ISO 9001:2008 and the EN ISO 13485:2012, for the production of textiles medical devices ( sterile and non sterile ), textile protection material ( sterile and non sterile ), disposables made by paper and plastic ( sterile and non sterile ), sets and kits ( sterile and non sterile ) and sterilization material.