BAP Medical BAP Medical is a company based in the Netherlands, which offers medical products for scar treatment and medical skin care . We have a strong belief that medical products must have the highest quality for doctors, nurses as well as the users; the patient, customers and our distribution partners. Our products are user friendly and scientifically and clinically proven, with unique qualities. Today we have more than 25 distribution partners in Europe, Middle-East, Caribbean and Asia. We are growing and are looking to expand our network with two of our medical brands, ALHYDRAN and BAP SCARCARE .

ALHYDRAN medical skin care is a powerful moisture-regulation cream and effective in treating many skin problems, including: Scar treatment, after care burns, radiotherapy and (very) dry skin. ALHYDRAN is clinically and scientifically proven and is developed in association with the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery -Burn Centre, Gent University, Belgium. More information: BAP SCARCARE is the new generation of silicone products for the treatment of old and fresh scars.

The range of BAP SCARCARE products consists of a silicone gel, self-adhesive sheets (ultra-thin and thick) and special pre-shaped dressings for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The products are designed to meet the needs of patients, doctors and nurses. Silicone is the first line therapy indicated by international guidelines for prevention and treatment of scars.