Company Profile About Us Bansbach easylift has been developing and producing alltypes of gas springs for more than 30 years now. Well-known companies worldwide rely on our experience. We produce every special kind of gas spring of components, individually to our customers requirements - fast and inexpensive. Tradition and growth Bansbach was founded 1919 as a manufacturer of stamping tools. With our in house turning shop, and over 40 years of experience in gas spring production, we evolved into a world wide operating premium supplier. The Singapore branch has been the center of activities in the Asia since 1994 which is now an essential part of the world wide Bansbach distribution network. Modern production Modern production processes and a certified quality system, guarantee that Bansbach gas springs are of the highest qualitiy standard. Using our test and development laboratory, products and technology are constantly being improved. A complete machine shop allows for a deep vertical range of manufacture with shortest lead times. Size results in responsibility Along with our constant growth, our responsibility, to guarantee an environmentally friendly process is not neglected. We have been very successful in limiting our production materials to environmentally friendly materials and are recognized in the town of Lorch as a safe workplace.