BA HEALTHCARE BA HEALTHCARE designs and produces non-invasive robotic devices for the medical and paramedical sector. Founded in 2012, BA HEALTHCARE has strong expertise in motion control and mobile robotics. Sister company of BA Systèmes, the French leader in logistic systems with AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles), BA HEALTHCARE benefits directly from its long experience in automated vehicles and robotics to develop safe, reliable and highly efficient systems.

BA HEALTHCARE holds a unique integrator position with the capability of transforming an idea into a serial product. BA HEALTHCARE innovative solutions are developed in working closely with hospitals and research centers and follow the quality standards required by the medical industry. Mobility solutions for your patients or your medical devices: You want to automate one of your medical devices, You want to facilitate the mobility for your patients, You have some ideas about innovative medical devices?

BA Healthcare designs with you the mobility solution that suits your needs.