About us Aysam manufactures orthopaedics implants, sterilisation containers and accesories in line with world norms with its high technologic workshop. Aysam increases its success in orthopaedic field everyday by manufacturing new and developed implants as a result of investigation and research studies of the specialist physicians and experienced engineers according to needs of global orthopaedic implant market. Together with modern background and educated technical team Aysam aims qualified manufacturing as a goal.

From raw materials to services after sales Aysam considers to apply Total Quality Management. With respect to this policy Aysam has been certified its Quality with the certificates of CE, ISO 9001 2000, ISO 13485, TSEK, TS 4272, TS 10231. With the aim of more rapid and continuous satisfaction of customer desires, Aysam educates the employees in advanced stages to increase customer satisfaction under all conditions.

With periodically given education seminars Aysam is in the aim of reaching institutional quality from personal quality and with direction of this goal Aysam succeeded the communication between employees by meeting all management and technical teams together in social and cultural activities.

By exporting five lands of the world and by increasing national agencies and international distributors everyday, Aysam goes on its goal points with strong steps. In complete comprehension with agencies and distributors Aysam also attributes to national and international sectoral fairs to actively present its current and new products to the medical sector in the world. With its obsessive Quality policy and with its open structure to developments Aysam goes on its constution under today's modern instutional structure.