Company Profile Axxicon Moulds Eindhoven BV Axxicon enables the manufacturing of polymer microfluidic cartridges for diagnostics companies. All based on our knowledge of engineering products and production processes of optical discs. Axxicon has more than 25 years of experience in tooling and injection moulding micro structured optical substrates. Our extensive know-how and partnerships with well-known research facilities and companies, allows us to cover the full range from designs to test replications and mass production. In the microfluidics field we collaborate with Helvoet, who has been providing co-development and manufacturing services to the healthcare market for 3 decades and has built a solid reputation in the market. Please visit our website for more information: Downloads: Microfluidics leaflet Leaflet Microfluidics.pdf Collaboration on microfluidics P20150204 Leaflet Microfluidics Axxicon Helvoet.pdf