About Us AXA Diagnostics has been an operative company since 2009; among its goals the main one is to facilitate the work of laboratory specialists by offering them a wide range of products, systems and services as an aid for the diagnosis of several diseases. The Company employs personnel whose career initiated on laboratory benches, cooperating with physicians and technicians since the introduction of the very first Lupus test, in the early 70s. Their careers progressed over the years covering important positions up to reach the goal of starting their own company. The completeness of the proposed product lines and services are the result of the continuous cooperation with physicians and constant updating on kits evolution by the company management. AXA Diagnostics commitment is to go on in this direction in order to enrich the catalogue with new kits by offering a more and more complete service to the technicians. To satisfy law requirements related to the quality management existing in the global market and to provide safe and effective medical devices, that satisfy legislative and customer requisites, AXA Diagnostics has certified its own Management System for Quality complying with the contents of ISO 13485 - 2004. "see doc". AXA Diagnostics is located in Pomezia - Rome and avails itself of a direct sales force in Italy and a network of distributors throughout Europe.